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Title | COSCO WALLEM Held Tea Party to Celebrate Chinese New Year
Date | 2016-02-05
Author | Lucy Liu
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COSCO WALLEM Held Tea Party to Celebrate Chinese New Year & Ensured Safety, Cost Saving, Honesty and Low-carbon Working Style

Feb 1 afternoon, COSCO WALLEM held the Tea Party for celebrating the Chinese New Year and ensuring safety, cost saving, honesty and low-carbon working style. All staff presented for the party. VGM Mr. Sun Lihao hosted the party and GM Mr. Shi Shaohua made a good summary for the performance management in 2015 and an action plan for 2016.In 2015, leading by the board, COSCO WALLEM achieved a good profit and the safety situation is relative stable. And in 2016, we will be still working hardly to achieve a better result by the end of the year.

VGM Mr. Liu Zhanguo and Mr. Zhu Hongan announced the three-point covenant in terms of safety, cost control and anti-corruption, and the low-carbon working style initiative to encourage people to save costs for the company, respectively. All staff signed the three-point covenant and the low-carbon working style initiative solemnly to promise ensuring safety, cost control, honesty, and low-carbon in daily operation.

At the party, senior management set a good example by presenting their show and the young and middle-aged staff also unwilling to lag behind. They performed colorfully, such as solo in Chinese and English, chorus, monologue comic talk and Chinese and English poetry recitation. The poetry recitation of the New Year Outlook, male solo of Take Me Home Country Road and the chorus of the Loved Family won the big round of applause.

Moreover, we alternatively did the answer activity about safety, company culture and honesty. All staff participated and strived to be the first for answering the questions, which continued pushing the party to a new high.

The party was rich in content and got people educated through lively activities. Consequently, all staff have a stronger awareness on safety, honesty and cost saving than before. The party enriched staff's spare time cultural life, closened the communication and friendship between staff. And the staff were inspired with enthusiasm, which made them to give more inputs and enthusiasm to the work in 2016.