Capt.Liu Sicheng

COSCO WALLEM Ship Management Co.,Ltd
The best of both worlds

COSCO WALLEM Ship Management Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company established by COSCO SHIPPING(QINDGAO)CO.,LTD and Wallem & Company, Ltd. It opened to business on the 16th September 2005. It offered the best ship management solutions and the most professional ship care service based on Wallem's high standards and Wallem management systems to ship owners with a strong base in Qingdao China.

The common goal of COSCO WALLEM is to profitably use resources in China including the materials and crew and offer them to ship owners for the most efficient ship operations. This is achieved by investing in the training of the ship staff and the shore staff, through mostly outside resources and the Wallem maritime training center Qingdao (WMTCQ). The company mostly and strongly emphasized the training of all staff for the English usage.

COSCO WALLEM has the qualifications on international/cabotage trade ship management, and offers services for vessels on technical, marine, manning, insurance, purchase, and financial issues utilizing the advanced online systems, such as SMMS, SIRIS, VRM, GIS, TPS, AX Accounting and Shipmate, etc.

COSCO WALLEM has ship management expertise with 14-23 years sea-going and 3-29 years ashore ship management experience. The entire management team and staff are always striving for high quality ship management at very competitive cost.

COSCO WALLEM can cater to all nationality ship owners for operation of any type of vessels, using any flag and any classification society of choice and guaranteed with well trained PRC crew. The company has the experience of managing bulk carriers, tankers, containers, general cargos, science reach vessels, etc.

As the first third-party ship manager in mainland China, COSCO WALLEM has been providing safe, efficient, rapid, considerate and reliable services to domestic and overseas shipowners.

Senior Managers:
Mr. Liu Sicheng – Managing Director
Mr. Duan Guodong – Vice General Manager
Mr. Zhu Hongan - Vice General Manager
Mr. Xu Shuwen - DPA (Designated Person Ashore)